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Raspberry Pi - What to do?

So I’ve had my Raspberry Pi for a few days now and I need to figure out what I’m going to do with it.

But first of all what am I going to call it when referring to it in blog posts? I think that the full title ‘Raspberry Pi’ is a little too formal and long winded. I don’t particularly like the common abbreviation of ‘raspi’ but I do kinda like just calling in my ‘pi’. So Pi it is, anyhoo back to my options for what to do with it. 

Linux server

I think this is a given, what I’m thinking of is ssh, http, and vnc server that is always on and is available away from the home. I’m mostly there with this - I just need to figure out tunnelling over SSH so I can connect via vnc when not at home. It would also be good if I could get drop box working on it. just for syncing particular folders. 

Media Player

I have a load of media on my NAS that I would like to watch on the telly so at some point I will look into the media solutions. I would also be interested in building some sort of VESA case mount.


What really interests me however is the possibility of getting my Pi to interact with the physical world. But as I have no electronic components to hand and I can’t afford to spend a load of money getting stuff then I guess I’m going to have to leave this till another day. 

Building a case

So the pi is naked and I think that he needs a case in which it can snuggle down and rest it’s head. There are lots of cases out there Mt favourite is the Pibow, and I like the idea of a VESA mount, but I want to make my own so I guess it is likely to be made out of Lego. I just need to remember to get my Lego off my mum and dad at some point.  


So there are various options of things to do but I think I’m going to start by learning some python then try to write myself a dropbox client.